Cool new window features in KDE 4.4 RC1

I just updated KDE to 4.4 RC1 in Kubuntu 9.10. The new window features are really great!

Tabbed Windows

You like tabs in browsers? Then you will like the new window tabs in KDE, that will allow you to group together different windows. Here is how it looks like:

  • First add a window to another existing window

  • Afterwards you can switch between the windows with the new window tabs

This is very usable if you are working with lots of windows and want to group together windows that are e.g. used for a single task.

Position windows so that they share the screen equally

If you have a screen with a high resolution, then it is sometimes very useful to have two windows open next to each other. I like to have e.g. documentation open in one window and in another a config file. Of course you can arrange the windows manually, so that the two windows together use the whole screen. But in KDE 4.4 you just have to move one window to the left or the right screen edge and the window will automatically be resized to half of the screen size.

Selecting windows with the task manager preview

If you have enabled desktop effects in KDE 4.X the task manager shows previews of windows by default. In KDE 4.4 it is now possible to click on a preview of a window to switch to the window.

Thanks to the KDE team – You are doing a great job!


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